Inchkeith, 26.8.07

In August 2007 we performed on Inchkeith Island off the coast of Edinburgh. We traveled to the island from Granton harbour on a boat which we chartered. 10 people made the crossing to see us play. We performed outdoors, in a sheltered area close to the lighthouse, at the highest point of the island. We performed a single piece of music lasting for around 26 minutes. The music was performed on an accordion and four portable tape recorders, including a children's karaoke tape recorder. The accordion played a drone of two notes repeatedly. Each of the tape recorders had a drone pre-recorded onto its tape, tuned to the same notes the accordion. The tape recorders were faded in one at a time in order of size, from the smallest to the largest. They were then each amplified in turn through the karaoke tape recorder to create a dense, harmonic and detailed drone. The tape recorders were then faded out one by one, from the largest to the smallest. The piece ended, as it had begun, with the accordion.

Immediately following the performance, we released a CD in a limited edition hand made sleeve, designed in collaboration with artist Sam Collier. The CD contains 20 minutes of detailed music made by recording drones played on a Bontempi organ. The CD inlays were made using segments of a map of the island. Copies of this CD, minus the hand made sleeve and inlay, are still available for 3 plus 1 p&p. Please email us for details.

Audio: CD excerpt
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Image: building
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Image: buildings
Image: CD inlay artwork (back)
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Image: CD inlay artwork (front, aggregated)
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Photographs by Lindsay Conn, Natalie Ross and Kirsty Ward.