Inchkeith release details

Format: Audio CD-R
Length: 20:30
Catalogue number: MAG44
Price: limited edition 5 (sold out), unlimited edition 3
Packaging and artwork:
White CD face printed with black text around the periphery (click here for an image). Limited edition (12) version comes in black digipak with seven white lines, created through precise masking and removal of the black surface layer through abrasion by fine wire wool (click here for an image). The limited edition CD includes a hand-made heavywieght white card inlay printed back and front. Front is colour printed with map showing part of the coastline of Inchkeith Island at 1:500 scale. Each of the 12 inlays is unique, depicting a different section of the island's coastline (click here to see all 12 images). Reverse is heavyweight white card, hand printed in black with the release details (click here for an image). Packaging designed in collaboration with Sam Collier. Also available in unlimited edition in a clear plastic CD sleeve.
The CD contains a single track, consisting of two layered recordings of a drone (interval of a fifth, D and A) played on a Bontempi electric organ. The sound was recorded using a microphone, then distorted to emphasise the overtones. During each recording, slight variations in key pressure were used to create small changes in pitch, leading to phasing and interference effects. The two recordings were also panned to create a sense of movement within the stereo space, particularly when the track is listened to on headphones. At the start of the track, the sound of the organ being turned on can be heard, followed by the sound of the organ's motor accelerating. At the end of the track, the sound of the organ being turned off can be heard, followed by the decay of the notes as the organ loses air pressure. Click here to hear an excerpt of the track.