Inchmickery release details

Format: Audio CD-R
Length: 23:55
Catalogue number: MAG4444
Price: limited edition £5 (sold out), unlimited edition £3†
Packaging and artwork:
White CD face printed with black text around the periphery (click here for an image). Limited edition (14) version comes in black digipak with seven black lines in gloss paint, designed in collaboration with Sam Collier (click here for an image). The limited edition CD includes a hand-made inlay printed back and front. Front is a black and white photograph, printed on gloss paper, of Inchmickery Court, a block of flats in Muirhouse, Edinburgh. The flats overlook the Firth of Forth. Each of the 14 inlays features a unique photograph of the flats, taken from a series shot by Sam. The series was produced as follows: Sam chose a vantage point, framed the shot of the flats, and then took the first photograph; he then walked around the block of flats in an anticlockwise direction, until he had returned to his starting point; he then framed the shot again, trying to find exactly the same vantage point as before, and matching the shot as closely as possible to his memory of the first shot; he then took the second photograph; this process was repeated to produce a series of images that differ subtly from one another (click here to see all 14 images). Reverse is heavyweight white card, hand printed in black with the release details (click here for an image). Packaging† Also available in unlimited edition in a clear plastic CD sleeve.
The CD contains a single track, consisting of a recording of a sequence of four notes repeated many times over, played on a home-made analogue synthesizer by a computer. Over the course of the recording, the synthesizer's controls were altered manually to produce very slow, gradual changes in the synthesizer's timbre. The recording was then processed using delay and equalisation effects, the controls of which were also altered slowly to produce further gradual changes. Click here to hear an excerpt of the track.