Turbine 22, Dun Law

Turbine 22, Dun Law was assembled from recordings of a wind turbine at the Dun Law wind farm in the Scottish Borders. The recordings were made using contact microphones attached to the surface of the turbine housing, capturing the sounds of its internal workings. The recordings were then layered and processed to accentuate their resonant frequencies, emphasizing the harmonic, musical qualities of the turbine.

Wind turbines are currently highly controversial in Scotland. They are both praised as engines of environmental sustainability and criticised for being intrusive, noisy and ugly. This piece of music suggests a different way of engaging with these structures, by inviting listeners to attend to their hidden acoustics.

Turbine 22, Dun Law was released via Soundscape: The Journal of Ecoustic Ecology.

Audio: Turbine 22, Dun Law (flac)
Audio: Turbine 22, Dun Law (mp3)
Image: Microphones
Image: Mike recording the sound of the turbine
Image: Turbine