Cramond release details

Format: Audio CD-R
Length: 20:17
Catalogue number: MAG4
Price: limited edition 5 (sold out), unlimited edition 3
Packaging and artwork:
White CD face printed with black text around the periphery (click here for an image). Limited edition (30) version comes in white digipak with seven lines created through precise cutting and removal of the glossy surface layer of the digipak. The exposed fibres of the card will pick up dirt more easily than the surrounding glossy surface, thereby making the digipak change gradually with repeated handling (click here for an image). The limited edition CD includes a hand-made card inlay printed back and front. Front is heavyweight gloss inkjet paper, printed with a back and white photograph of one of the concrete pillars lining the causeway linking Cramond Island to the mainland. Each of the 30 inlays is unique, featuring a photograph of different pillar (click here to see all 30 images). Reverse is heavyweight white card, hand printed in black with the release details (click here for an image). Packaging designed in collaboration with Sam Collier. Also available in unlimited edition in a clear plastic CD sleeve.
The CD contains a single track consisting of a recording of repetitive strumming of an electric guitar at a constant tempo, with all six strings tuned to E notes at three different octaves (a heavy guage string at a low E; a light guage string at a low E; a heavy guage string at a middle E; a light guage string at a middle E; a heavy guage string at a high E; and a light guage string at a high E). The guitar was amplified and the resulting sound was recorded using a microphone. Click here to hear an excerpt of the track.